Platinum jacket

Last week the high school called to say my son was getting an award

The only bad thing about this news was keeping it secret for a few days.

On Friday my partner and I went to see the presentation during the school assembly.

We checked in at the front office, received our visitor passes and were led to the auditorium.

I scanned around to see if I could spot my sons and found my youngest sitting at the front of the room.

They began reeling off details of my oldest son's contributions to the school.

It was interesting to hear them describe him as an "all-rounder" since his interest in sport is limited.

There were performances with the choir and school musicals, representing students on the SRC as well as debating and chess competitions.

They noted his subjects included extension English, advanced maths, chemistry and music.

Then his name was called and there was a rapturous applause.

Afterwards the teacher asked if it had been a surprise.

Oscar said his friend had spotted Jo and I, asking him why his parents were here, which had led him to assume that he was getting the award.

The platinum jacket will appeal to him, since he's been wearing the shirt given in Year 10 almost everyday.

It's good to see Oscar's efforts recognised.

Photo from the LHS Facebook page.