Tricks and treats this Halloween

Leeton’s Lillypilly Winery is teaming up with local musician Jason Richardson to host a Halloween party from 7pm on Saturday 31 October.

“It’ll be fun for all ages with creative pursuits, music and a spooky story,” said Mr Richardson.

“Traditionally it’s the time of year when spirits visit our world and Lillypilly are very kindly offering a complementary wine tasting for visiting adults, which should help raise spirits.”

The event will provide a venue for people who want to dress-up to mark the occasion.

“As a parent I know how much kids want to get into a costume and roam the streets in search of sugar. It got me thinking that it would be much better to provide an event where families could gather and share the thrill.”

Entertainment will include stories, hands-on activities, a movie and more.

“In previous years I’ve screened a silent movie in town as well as projecting my music videos and the film for this event will bring together both, with a silent film suitable for kids that I’ve created a soundtrack from music written and recorded in the last year or so.”

‘The Lost World’ is a classic film from 1925 that is based on a novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, better known for writing the Sherlock Holmes stories. It’s remarkable for being the first feature to use stop-motion animation, as well as being the first film to be shown to airline passengers.

“I’m also looking forward to telling people about the troll that once lived in Leeton,” said Mr Richardson. “It’s a little-known fact that he was directly responsible for the creation of Fivebough Wetland.”

Learn more at Lillypilly Winery from 7pm on 31 October.

Burroughs adding machine

Over a century ago Burroughs were the biggest name in 'adding machines'. These days they're better known for the grandson of their inventor, author William S. Burroughs, who was one of the most "culturally influential and innovative artists of the 20th century".

The family fortune ensured he received a Harvard education but activities like heroin and homosexuality led him to associate with Beat Generation writers and '60s counterculture, while collaborations with bands like Nirvana showed his continuing influence up to his death in 1997.

The 'cut-up' technique made popular by Burroughs remains potent, with musicians like Beck and Radiohead using it to great effect. Pretty cool story for a calculator, hey? Gave me a thrill when I found one at Griffith Pioneer Park Museum.

The media could not be played

Given the fractious relationship that the previous prime minister had with ABC journalists, it seemed somehow ironic to see this message as the new PM approaches the end of his 'honeymoon' period.