Shit joke

My daughter saw this joke on my Facebook feed and decided to try it on her brother.


Scott Howie is one of those people who have enriched the Riverina in unexpected ways, like writing a play about Griffith's hermit. Or spending a day on a lagoon in central Wagga in solidarity with asylum seekers.

This story from the local Daily Advertiser discusses the Boat/Person (an action) that Howie performed last Saturday. It was a simple reminder of the plight of the 'boat people' demonised by mainstream politics for more than a decade.

I'd like to see this activity raising the issue elsewhere. A boat on Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin would look photogenic with Parliament House in the background, for example.

The picture shown is by James Farley.

Disquiet Junto

I've written before about the Disquiet Junto and it continues to inspire me to create music and experiment with audio. Below is a playlist of all my contributions to the Disquiet Junto community on Soundcloud.