Thee war on error

Some ye olde language spotted at the Sydney Morning Herald's website.

Leeton Shire Council

From Flickr


Poo-poo pouch

This clever copywriting combines both euphemism and the latest marketing research that shows how mothers respond to baby talk!

Mr Goatse

Call me puerile but I noticed that the Mr Bump figurine has a passing resemblance to a shock website and internet meme.

Not a joke

It's a bit mean putting a department for disabled people at the top of a flight of stairs, no?

Typographical joke?

The contrast between the message and the typeface amuses me.


I asked the BOM about the weird satellite pictures that were posted here and they replied:

As you might be aware, Carnarvon radar is in the process of being upgraded. Refer:

After a month or so of construction etc, it was ready for testing last Wednesday. We shut off the display on the external web pages but kept the data flowing internally so that we could inspect the product. Radars need tuning before they are ready for general use. Unfortunately we did not turn off the contribution from Carnarvon to the national summary and that's what you saw on it - the untuned returns from Carnarvon radar.

Apologies for the inconvenience. We've adjusted our systems now so that the Carnarvon radar image data isn't available externally.

Of course, they would write something like that. Wouldn't they? ;)


Below are a series of weather satellite images that show an unusual pattern form and disperse. I know it's probably something simple like the bottom of some coffee cup on the monitor (;p) but it reminded me of these mysterious circles, so I thought I'd share.