Grizzly Beat from Yellowstone

Earlier this year I remixed a recording of a grizzly bear for Cities and Memory

There's this discussion of my track 'Grizzly Beat' on the Cities and Memory website.

I was interested to learn:
These sounds were recorded with a cell phone by an experienced Bear Management Technician, Dan Bergum, during recent fieldwork involving capture. The bear was recorded during the few moments that it was contained inside a large, culvert-sized trap.

My track was made entirely from the recording, including repitching the growls but also shaping transients to create the percussion.

The dream I mentioned was discussed on this blog last year.

My first cerveza

I started a new brew today after bottling the mugwort porter that went sour

Opened a cerveza extract that I'd bought heavily discounted and added lemongrass, as well as mugwort.

This one has 1kg dextrose, which is the first time I've tried it.

Suction cups

May the fourth

It amused me to see a church-based opportunity shop adopted a story heavily indebted to well-known Christian narrative as the theme for their forthcoming sale

Facebook's community standards

I ran afoul of Facebook's community standards today when I published this pic of Hitler with bunny ears

Maybe I should be grateful they didn't ban me for a week like last time this happened, but I am surprised that the pic above was deleted.

At this time of year I share Easter-themed pics and memes, so I was a bit annoyed to break the run that I was curating on my News Feed.

However, I find some solace in adapting this Marie Kondo meme to comment on Facebook's heavy-handed interference.

Broccoli pizza

I like that my son likes broccoli on pizza

This might've resulted from my toasted sandwich videos, where I challenged him to add something he wouldn't normally consider.

You can see there's also spinach on there and the base contains chia and hemp seeds.


Made a new batch of kimchi today

Mugwort porter

I've put on a new brew now the weather has cooled

This is a mugwort porter and the recipe is:

  • 18 litres water
  • 600g molasses
  • 1kg brewing sugars
  • a few inches of ginger
  • about half a dozen small lemonbalm leaves
  • one of those bags used for fruit and veg stuffed full of mugwort

I've submerged the mugwort in the wort, using a cotton bag weighed down with mugs.

The nettle porter last year worked well but had a bit much of alcohol for me.

Update: seems I've pushed my luck too far and the wort is infected. Guess it might've been the tea bag (an old flour sack) weighed down with three mugs.