Sorry I'm unable to see these guys on tour. This clip was a little bit of magic last Saturday morning.

Taxidermy as art

This is from a shop I saw in Adelong, near Tumut. If I had sideboards I'd have bought this.

A Melbourne Christmas

The Hermit

Recently I saw a play about Griffith's hermit, written by Scott Howie and Matt Schulz. The play was okay but what really got my attention were the photos in the Griffith Theatre's foyer of how the cave looked when the hermit lived there. He had extensive gardens and rockwalls.

Here are a couple of pics I took when I visited the hermit's cave a few years ago. I like the irony in the top pic, now that suburbia is within a few hundred metres of the former refuge from society.

How to get a parking inspector's attention

Ice afternoon

We had a wild hail storm last week.

I was out attempting to get a picture of one of Council's grader operators who has clocked up 40 years. The hail prevented the shot but I got this one of a currajong that had fallen across Brobenah Road. The trunk was rotten and full of white ants.

The hail was something else. Ice nuggets the size of golf balls and they weren't round, they had sharp edges and would've been painful.