Goatse for yourself

Couldn't help but see goatse in this drawing

from Circe by Madeline Miller

Loved this writing, so I made this meme:

“If my childhood had given me anything, it was endurance. Little by little I began to listen better: to the sap moving in the plants, the blood in my veins. I learned to understand my own intention, to prune and to add, to feel where the power gathered and speak the right words to draw it to its height. That was the moment I lived for, when it all came clear at last and the spell could sing with its pure note, for me and me alone.” 

Ansell condoms still suck

Made the mistake of buying Lifestyle brand condoms

Some time ago I posted about buying a bad batch, which mostly seemed to break.

A few weeks ago I missed the detail that these "fun" condoms "might" be flavoured.

Seems the whole pack is flavoured and my partner is not willing to consider having that within her.

You'd think they could print it on the front of the packaging, rather than use some sort of semiotic code in the colours.

High Coup

For my exhibition I'm thinking about self-publishing poetry

Sometimes there's a snobbish attitude about self-publishing poetry but I've got an idea that needs to be realised.

While reading back over more than 1000 haiku, I found myself annoyed at the opportunities that had passed each day.

I'm looking for 60 or so poems for the book and there's a lot to choose from.

However, while considering my challenge to write a haiku each day, I found myself remembering the observation that it'll often take a second poem to feel like I've warmed up.

Usually if I spend the time writing a second draft, I'll get a much better result.

So, while looking back over the results of around three years of daily haiku, I started wondering about missed opportunities.