A plague comes to town

This photo is from my last locust plague, it was 2008. I was surprised when they first hatched because you could see a group of them hopping across the ground but not really identify what it was. Like the dirt was shifting in places.

This year's locusts started arriving in Leeton on the weekend. I was walking to the collect my newspapers when a bird dived on one near me.

Locust numbers have been increasing but nothing like the photograph below from BoingBoing.net

Join the dots

I'm wondering if my kids would recognise this as a telephone.

I suppose it still looks like one from an old movie.

Basin Plan graphic design

There doesn't seem to be a credit for the design of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority's first volume of the Basin Plan but I believe the graphic designer has done a remarkable job because the proposed Plan will tear stripes off regional communities. Just like what's shown on the cover.

Another curious review

Another fine fuck-up in Sydney Morning Herald's Spectrum section. Cee Lo's expression in the photo seems apt.

This was the last wordless album review I saw.

Under the boardwalk's spell

Had a walk around the National Botanic Gardens today. I've spent a lot of time there over the years, my mum loves it and my partner does too.

If you plan to take kids there, it's important to pack spare clothes. Last time we went my three-year old fell into a stream, today my toddler had barely left the car park when he tumbled into a pond.

One addition I noticed today was a bunch of water monitors, who posed for many photos.

Anyway, one of the things I was musing on while strolling through the rainforest on a raised platform is the appeal of boardwalks. I wondered if part of their appeal is the way they let you walk on water.