April Fools Day

Only spotted one post so far, which is a lot less than usual

Wonder how many will appear from the northern hemisphere later today and tomorrow.

Like the closed playground below, playfulness is vanishing from public -- even without the restrictions that have been placed on movement.

Playground closed

The playground at the end of my street was closed this week

It's an image I wouldn't have imagined, maybe even a week ago.

I can understand that Council's duty of care to maintain safe equipment poses an impossible burden, since they have dozens of playgrounds that would need to be cleaned regularly.

However, I realised that I needed to take a photo to document the impact of Covid-19.

Dreams are weird

Woke from a dream in which Prince had written a book about sexuality for teens

It was written in that conversational style of his ‘Raspberry Beret’ lyrics and had scenes about people dealing with relationship issues.

One scene recounted his father as a younger man taking two girlfriends to the swimming pool.

They differed in a funny way, with one having large breasts and the other having a pronounced arse.

The young man overheard them fighting in the pool and realised he could avoid having to deal with their jealousy by staying in the change room.

Later in the dream I was sitting down to watch a TV adaptation of Prince’s book with my kids.

I was confronted to find that the lessons about recognising sexual energy were being told by characters in ’80s-style leather outfits with headbands, who walked around with their hands on their erect (but clothed) body parts.

Then, in a plot twist, I realised the Prince character was a young woman.

Dreams are weird.

Dream are eternal

My friend Nick posted an interesting observation about dreams:

Another reality filter.
We're all eternal beings, and our dreams are the experience of that eternity.
Eternity is living a life where everything is possible, as in a dream.
Being 'awake' is when a tiny subset of those possibilities are acted out in cooperation with other eternal beings - it takes effort.
Death returns us to eternal dreaming, to 'resting in peace'.
Pictures like this are so misleading, you don't dream 'in your head'.
Dreams are a full reality, they're eternity.
In our 'waking lives' little parcels of eternity still appear - our memories, colours etc., what some philosophers call 'eternal objects'.


I'm taking a further step toward merging kimchi and sauerkraut by substituting Chinese cabbage with ordinary cabbage

Since wombok are currently $19 each, I'm hoping the result will be tasty and will use fennel and horseradish again.

Cabbage requires weight as well as salt to squeeze the water out of the leaves, so I'm using myself and possibly contributing microflora in the process.

Oboe Cop

Tortilla toasties

After being impressed by pressing my own tortillas, it was only a matter of time before I attempted a tortilla toasted sandwich

The result is tasty and easy to prepare.

I expect I'll make a video in coming weeks, but currently I need to make a song for the soundtrack.

I feel strange

Aviatrix Remove Borders

The Disquiet Junto recently offered an opportunity to revisit a track from 2016

Remove Borders was a response to a Naviar Haiku prompt and I'd consciously develop a section of the song that sped-up and had in mind that it was a plane taking flight.

So when the Junto asked for "a short piece of music that is intended to blend in with the industrial drone of modern air flight," I'd remembered the earlier track and thought it could be reworked in an ambient style.