Sorry I'm unable to see these guys on tour. This clip was a little bit of magic last Saturday morning.

Taxidermy as art

This is from a shop I saw in Adelong, near Tumut. If I had sideboards I'd have bought this.

A Melbourne Christmas

The Hermit

Recently I saw a play about Griffith's hermit, written by Scott Howie and Matt Schulz. The play was okay but what really got my attention were the photos in the Griffith Theatre's foyer of how the cave looked when the hermit lived there. He had extensive gardens and rockwalls.

Here are a couple of pics I took when I visited the hermit's cave a few years ago. I like the irony in the top pic, now that suburbia is within a few hundred metres of the former refuge from society.

How to get a parking inspector's attention

Ice afternoon

We had a wild hail storm last week.

I was out attempting to get a picture of one of Council's grader operators who has clocked up 40 years. The hail prevented the shot but I got this one of a currajong that had fallen across Brobenah Road. The trunk was rotten and full of white ants.

The hail was something else. Ice nuggets the size of golf balls and they weren't round, they had sharp edges and would've been painful.


Another sentimental tune I recorded for the RPM Challenge. Jo sang for me again and I attempted to play all the instruments and engineer also.

Facebook by ShowcaseJase

Lying down feeling low
Feel like I've got further to go
Shaking around in a sweat
Replay the scene of my regret

If I had known
If I had known

Find myself all alone
Inside the guilt a private show
Springtime day on tape delay
Replay the smile you gave me again

If I had known what now I know
How memories fade and regrets grow
Might have known to make the time
Might have known I could make you mine

Pull myself from the depth
Leave it behind and catch my breath
Shake the past and stand refreshed
Leave the memory I should repress

If I had known what now I know
How memories fade and regrets grow
Might have known to make the time
Might have known I could make you mine

Blue moon

This is a track that Jo and I recorded for the 2008 RPM Challenge. It sounds sloppy but I thought it was an okay tune. Been meaning to re-record it.

Apparently there's a blue moon this new year's eve.

Blue Moon by ShowcaseJase

Old flame never tamed
still alive in my chest
your name sounding plain
could still quicken my breath
It aches a whisper quakes
on my soon remembered lip
as the thought is finished quickly
my guard no longer slipped

Why should I even care?
about something that was never there

Do you remember the blue moon?
it was the night you made me swoon
you probably never knew
you were in another room

Ease back from that flash
brought from the depth of my past
to steal back into
a self-conscious laugh
For your memory will still exist
after this moment has passed
It's my lacklustre tale
of a romance at half-mast

Why should I even care?
about something that was never there

Do you remember the blue moon?
it was the night you made me swoon
you probably never knew
you were in another room
dancing to a different tune
with some other dude

[Repeat first verse and then chorus twice]

Blue Moon (Jase's single take) by ShowcaseJase
I think they need a Big something if they want more tourists. on Twitpic

Flame on

As much as I've been enthralled by the graffiti left around town by some misguided teen, I've been even more entertained to see her flamed by another misguided texta. Just as soon as Lori (formerly Lorrain Lee) had announced the latest in a string of romantic interests and she was set upon in her chosen medium.

Physical graffiti

This seemed out of place among my Art Deco pics.
Click here to see them.

Easy way to join the ranks of "the glorious dead". Must be a few RSL-types that would call it cheating.

Don't hire a tradie. Hire a lady.

Paris makes news

These articles at the SMH helped me to realise that, like bikinis, Paris Hilton can make news articles more interesting to look at.


Here's one of my bassling film clips. Scroll down a bit and click on the left-hand link to get the album for FREE :)

Can women sell keyboards?

Previously I've observed the use of sexism to sell speakers so I was entertained to see it being employed to sell keyboards too. Maybe if they actually offered hot sex with every purchase?

Passion for music

Ever watched a guitarist pulling faces while playing a solo? I remember seeing some that stand on one foot, carried away by the notes flowing from their fingers.

Reckon someone could make a cool quiz where you have to pick the guitarists from male pornstars mid-money shot :)

Who are these men who lurk behind the panel?

More fun graffiti at the park

Main street hazard

Bark marks

These tree etchings make for interesting graffiti - the effect that is, rather than the content.

Risky Business

Wagga's not actually so small that there are mothers of both the bride AND the groom!


My ten new followers on Twitter are sadly spambots.

McCaughey Mansion

I like this stained glass window at the McCaughey Mansion outside Yanco. He was the guy who showed that irrigation could work in the area and ended up in the NSW upper house.

The idyllic scene here shows something of the transition of Australia from bushland to sheep paddocks. Just down the staircase from this stained glass is a huge protrait of McCaughey Frederick McCubbin, an artist who painted a number of bushland scenes that show what the country must've looked like before settlement got underway in earnest.


An extra snappy SNAP :)

Dust storm dedication for parts of Sydney, NSW and QLD

Dust Storm by bassling

Here's a tune of mine called Dust Storm that features me jamming along with the aeolian harp.

Pic of a dust storm outside Wagga from a few years ago.


Movie violence

Recently I've rediscovered the joy of watching films. For a while there I found them too long and often too silly.

One of the things they've got me thinking about is the role of violence in movies. There are few films that have no violence in them. Violence works as an important dramatic element, explaining motivations for characters but also I'd guess that it's something audiences must find some enjoyment in watching.

Some of the violence in films is over the top. Slow motion scenes of torture, ridiculously gory splatter movies, sprays of blood like fountains, etc.

It's kind of a horrible thinking that we might enjoy seeing pain inflicted on people, isn't it? Often I think there should be more sex in movies because it's a natural part of life. So what do the representations of violence in movies say about audiences.

My conclusion is that the violence in movies help audiences to make sense of the violence in life. The scenes of violence in films are often stylised or focused upon to explain character motivations in a way that gives the violent acts meaning within the film.

These meaningful representations of violence seem at odds with a lot of the violence in life. Much of the violence that occurs daily is almost meaningless. For every terrorist act that stems from an ideological statement, there are scores of violent acts that stems from some sort of opportunism - or perhaps inopportunism - of being in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Personal violence

On the night of my graduation from university I was assaulted as I walked to the taxi rank in town. Someone walked up and punched me in the jaw for no reason except that I was walking alone. I called the police to report the crime and they said that looking for my attacker would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The following day I called a friend who worked as a journalist at the local community paper and explained what happened. "That's terrible," he said. "What can I do?"
"You should write a story," said I. "It'd warn people about the danger when walking through the city late at night."
"Jase, it happens every day," he replied.

The meaningless act of being punched in the head had an ongoing impact upon me. I flinched when a drunk stranger walked toward me one night to ask the time. He saw my reaction and gave a sympathetic response. When I moved to the country I'd freeze when being abused from passing cars as I walked the street. (Abusing people while driving along the main street on a Friday or Saturday night is something of a sport in country towns.)

Why The Wiggles are wonderful

Tip for parents of toddlers

A great way to save having to keep putting stuff back into cupboards is to use octupus straps to stop toddlers from getting into those cupboards. It ain't pretty but it works.

Our blue foetus

Oscar's growing skeleton looks like some grim pregnancy on our kitchen benchtop.


When my beloved and I were in hospital for the birth of Eden, we were amused by this device. We're still convinced that babies are too young to puff ;)