Switching gears

Recently saw this observation about writing and thought it's something that extends to many creative pursuits

"Recklessness and rigor" is one way to identify those flow and critique processes, which can be seen to embody first and latter drafts in writing. 

It's something that Michael Stavrou addresses in his book Mixing With Your Mind and he frames these as left and right brain activities.

While this metaphor doesn't do justice to the way our brains operate, it is a really insightful discussion for the proposal that creative people benefit from grouping likeminded tasks.

For example, if you're writing and in a state of flow, then the process can be disrupted by needing to open a dictionary and find the appropriate word.

Someone like Julia Cameron in her book The Artists Way, I think, would likely say to keep writing -- even if it's just repeating the word until the sense of flow returns.

That's the kind of recklessness one can indulge while writing a first draft, before returning at a later time with a more critical perspective to finesse those words with the rigor required for publication.

And I think there's a similar distraction from producing work when a person begins second-guessing what they should be doing, although that is likely more akin to Sartre's notion of "being for others".

Best cheese lately

Thought I should balance my negativity about those Twisties by sharing my enthusiasm for sheep cheese

This has been a favourite in recent months and I was happy to find it half-price at the stupormarket.

I am so grateful to live in an age when truffle has become so plentiful.  

(You can find it flavouring chips!)

And cheese is so often wonderful.


Life drawing last night with Jo was surprising

It was the first class where I felt confident to flirt with the model, but nothing could prepare me for the eye contact. 

Usually the model is staring past me and not smirking about the muzak playing Duo Lipa as an instrumental.

When I get to the point of having my life flash before my eyes, I expect I'll see a lot of Jo.