Major issue with gendering music

While helping my son with his music assignment, I came across some interesting sexist language

A Youtube video described switching between major and minor chords as "both genders" and it bugged me.

I mean, yes, one could go on to argue that seventh chords show there are more than two genders.

What got under my skin is the idea that one gender would be major and another minor, as it infers one is superior somehow.

I know the differences between them depend on where you start and that G major is E minor, so there isn't much difference really.

But I don't find thinking of chords as genders helpful, since it adds a level of complex associations that ultimately raise increasing numbers of questions.

Oscar's bossa nova

My son got a music assignment to write a pop song, but they didn't specify genre or era 

This was our second attempt, after an electronic track didn't develop a satisfactory melody. 

I suggested that it might be easier to start with a melody and then work out the chords. 

Oscar said he'd been listening to lounge music and wanted to write a bossa nova tune. 

Luckily I found a suitable preset on my Omnichord, then we worked out the chords and structure then recorded this over the last couple of days.

Below is a version with a clarinet playing the melody.