Awesome sculpture

I really like this sculpture my friend Hamish created in collaboration with the brother of another friend of mine.

The way the organic tree-like shape is created from automobile exhaust pipes seems a clever juxtaposition. It's been sitting on a hilltop outside Wagga Wagga since Unsound in 2006.

Mushroom cloud

This cloud got my thinking that Coffs Harbour might've been bombed!

Nice curves

A photography teacher once told me that S shapes are great in pictures, usually you see them in car commercials.

Psychic octopus

During the last World Cup there was an octopus that became renowned for accurately predicting the outcome of games. The octopus pictured above is NOT that octopus.

However, I was walking across the rocks at the coast the other morning and had this weird coincidence where I remembered a story about seeing an octopus in a rock pool just seconds before I found an octopus in a rock pool.

Spooky eh?

Kentucky Fried Crab

Been thinking how great it would be if KFC stood for Kentucky Fried Crab. Imagine if their "secret herbs and spices" were applied to soft-shelled fried crab? Yum

Grave fears

My son has been thinking about the search for a missing 24-year old who was last seen being rolled in a kayak by rough surf on Sunday. The search seems to have been scaled back today.

More green light

Green light

On Tuesday 20 May, 2008 I observed this phenomena at the seaside and was moved to write a description in verse observing highku rules:

The sun penetrates
the wave as it folds over
in a flash of green

This morning I set out before dawn to capture this green light. You can see the picture below for one image I captured. I think I need to use a different lens and a different angle.

My observation of daybreak was interrupted by an octopus, which is really cool I think. I've never seen an octopus in the wild before.

Jesus saves

Jesus uses keyboard shortcuts! Happy Easter y'all

A visit to Valla Beach

Evolving landscape
of rock and sand and ocean
brings daily surprise

Stories of seaside
lines like topographic maps
sediment stanzas

Ancient medium
shown miniature to scale
my alien home

Wagga's Best Place

Dunno if it's the best place in Wagga Wagga but it's near the library and gallery.

March into the archives : cakes of distinction

March into the archives : no fat chicks

More discrimination

March into the archives : wine appreciation

Two images from Charles Sturt University's Bathurst Campus about six years ago. These days I reckon the students can afford wine in bottles.