Hydrometer drinking

Sometimes drinking the hydrometer sample is tastier than the bottled beer

After my last beer meme got a big response in a brewing group on Facebook, I thought I'd make another.

Beer bubbles

Been brewing beer again recently and I'd forgotten the thrill of seeing the yeast spring to life

Meme template

Saw this cartoon this morning and thought it could be a good meme template

So here's a blank version for use at a meme generator.

Celebrate our goatse

Foretold by the stars

Got up early yesterday and looked for shooting stars

The Eta Aquariid meteor shower was described as "one of the best shows of the year" and I'd been looking for it during the week.

It was cloudy around 4am but improved by 5am, when I saw a brief red streak after standing outside for around 10 minutes.

Thankfully the weather has been warmer this week.

As I peed in the bushes I was impressed to see more than a dozen lights, each as bright as a planet, almost evenly spaced apart as they flew from the south to the northeast.

A dotted line across the stars.

It gave me a sense of wonder that I haven't felt in a while.

They weren't flying in the path that I usually see planes but that's how I described them.

I went inside and typed about the experience on Facebook.

Soon there was a flurry of comments telling me I'd seen satellites and it made sense.

On reflection I realised there hadn't been the flashing lights one sees under planes.

This morning I went and looked for the meteors again.

It's cloudy but I'm think I've identified that sense of wonder.

I'm reminded of a morning back in 2007, when I woke early and read the streamed descriptions of Steve Jobs launching the iPhone.

It gave me a sense of wonder of technological progress and a feeling that something remarkable has happened.

The comparison has been on my mind since.

For a while I had iPhones for work and found them almost irresistible, particularly for Words With Friends.

I've observed the way people will abruptly lose interest mid-conversation to look at their device and I still find it rude.

These days I sometimes get a surprised response when I tell people I don't have a mobile phone.

I see the impact the iPhone has had on lives and am now wondering about those satellites.

Is Starlink going to change the way I enjoy spending time with the night sky?