FB's BS serving system

Someone at Facebook has a sense of humour, judging by the name of this cookie I've started noticing they put on my computer when I visit their website.

It's called "bs.serving-sys" and I guess that means bullshit serving system.

Drown her out with headphones

Storytelling lessons from Pixar


I've been enjoying toasted sandwiches recently, as well as homemade bread. The combination of these two is taking its toll on my toasted-sandwich-maker, as you can see.

My favourite filling is either Stilton with broccoli and apple or Shropshire Blue with asparagus.

The tomato, mushroom and smoked Wagyu the other day was also good.


The local paper wrote about my part in Naviar Records' State of Origin exhibition and compilation.

You can see video for my track Willimbong and read about it here.

Opening Night: State of Origin from Unit24 Gallery on Vimeo.

DIY Public Relations

In August this year I spoke at Dream Big on how to promote your work as an artist, sharing tips for writing media releases and engaging an audience.

A video based on that presentation is now online.

Heart in a jar

“Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk.”
Robert Bloch

Slander on Facebook

This screenshot comes from a community Facebook page and, aside from being funny when you read what motivated the potentially defamatory content, it demonstrates issues with moderation.

Elsewhere I've seen a tattooist defamed on a local newspaper's Facebook page at an early hour when the moderator wouldn't have been present to delete the post.

It made me wonder who would be responsible in a defamation case. Would it be the poster or the publisher? If the latter, is Facebook the publisher or is the page moderator at fault for comments?

Music around my suburb

Last year I had an idea to focus on my suburb of Willimbong in Leeton NSW. I think I managed one other post, which was about the sounds of a fence.

Anyway, that fence features in a new track I've recorded using material in Willimbong as a springboard for a composition that was inspired by the Naviar project. Their State Of Origin compilation looks like a great idea and has generated a lot of good music.

Below you can hear the final draft, which drew on an instrument made from a slippery slide and the aforementioned fence, as well as gallahs, some drumming recorded at home and a remix of Waipukurau Park for the For 100 Years project.