Don't speed on cool days


Here's the three-hour ambient drone soundscape I've edited together from over 70gb of field recordings for the 2010 RPM Challenge.

You can hear a variety of birdsong along with 'the wires' -- a large-scale aeolian harp built by Alan Lamb and Scott Baker for the Unsound Festival. See for more on this amazing instrument.

News sites make me horny

Blokes think about sex a lot but lately I've been wondering why I get so horny while reading the news online?

Salvo discharge

A couple of bins outside the local Salvation Army store.

Julia Gillard hate tattoos

Haven't seen any hate tattoos on young women, let alone tattoos with a political message. In fact, the only tattoo that's been remarked upon recently was my partner telling me she'd seen a bloke at the pool with "Shaz" tattooed in gothic font over his heart.

Maybe I need to get out more?

Media cools on global warming

There are a bunch of climate change skeptics writing in the papers this weekend but none with the lame arguments made by Keith Wheeler in Wagga's Daily Advertiser.

Since Keith is usually a good photographer, especially when accompanying his travel articles, I thought it was best to use this medium to share his work. (And also because it's not online to pass along.)

Temperature records are made to be broken, although this has nothing to do with climate change.

Yep, "very few people truly believe the 'global warming' story" -- aside from many in the scientific community and I'd guess a large number of atheists who have reason to believe God isn't going to rescue the good among us who've finished with the Earth's resources.

"...Plans to strategically place some small homosexual parades around Australia to bring rain to our drought-affected areas and...sodomise up a storm"