Asimov's Laws in RoboCop


By Annie Riehl

Sign of endtime

At work I was asked to make a sign that said the 24-hour toilet was closing

Happy with the result, although in hindsight I wish I'd slipped in the phrase "for a good time..." or some shitty pun.

Riverina views

These paintings by Sharon de Valentin amused me

Two locations almost 200km apart that could be a 'spot the differences' activity.

The subtleties of the western Riverina landscape. 


You can buy these stickers for only 50c each at Griffith Regional Art Gallery

It's never been easier to buy a cheap gift and support local arts. 

Wrong Wright review

Been looking forward to seeing Edgar Wright's new film, Last Night In Soho

I decided to skip reading David Stratton's review in The Weekend Australian today, so that I didn't spoil it.

Then I noticed that he appears to give the film zero out of five.

This is disappointing as normally I rate David's reviews.

So I looked at the beginning and end of his piece and it seemed to be positive. 

Think the newspaper might've missed that detail. 

The Darkness

Bought this coffee because it was on special

Unfortunately, it isn't so special.

The packaging is something else though.

It's like a coffee for fans of HP Lovecraft! 

Nothing lasts

Last night I charged my waterproof camera with plans to take pics at the pool.

This morning I found it wouldn't work. 

It was frustrating, then I reflected on how long I'd had the camera and realised it'd provided a lot of fun over eight or nine summers. 

 Of course, the features on the newer cameras look so much better. 

Now I can't wait to take the replacement I've ordered to the pool next week.

Don't mask, don't tell

It's an interesting situation to work in an office in NSW at the moment

Masks aren't required if you're vaccinated, but an employer can't force employees to declare their vaccination status.

Break the silence

Recently I worked with Narrandera's Domestic Violence Advisory Committee to produce this video

They provided a script and the version above was the edit made to meet the minute-long limit on Instagram.