The RTA's Venus of the highway

This campaign by the Road and Traffic Authority to shame a certain type of driving favoured by young men is supremely clever. The inference that this behavious is supposed to compensate for having a small dick has been tastefully yet devastatingly conveyed.

I am particularly impressed with the reference to Boticelli's Venus in the billboard design.

The black armband view of Australian history

This view is from outside Narrandera and I wonder if it's part of the history of killing Aboriginals in the area. The Wiradjuri Nation fought against European farmers but the local Narrungderra tribe were eventually rounded up and annihilated on what is now known as Massacre Island.

No more fooling me

I saw how this was done the other day while the dial-up connection was taking an age to load a page. Text behind some of the icons has text like what I've shown.

Traffic report

This must be my most viewed page. One in six clicked through the link to see the lizard.


As the heatwave continues the biggest stress has been keeping the kids indoors and entertained.