Cool reports

The end of semester means reading reports about the education of my children

Usually I only pay attention to the comments and look to get a sense of how much effort their putting into subjects.

Then I'll ask my kids how they feel about the report and usually they agree.

This year mathematics are offering additional metrics and I guess it's linked to the delivery of classes via modules with the software providing a bunch of data.

It raises some questions, since one section details how they're learning more than a year's worth of math but acknowledges the measurement isn't indicative because the difficulty of modules varies.

I pity the kids with reports saying they're learning less than a year because who knows what discipline might be delivered in the privacy of households.

However, my partner and I were fascinated to see that for two kids, their performance dipped markedly at the start of May.

Winter sucks, right?

Anyway, I like the new reports but wonder if other subjects can do something similar.

If math can provide numerical detail, maybe English can start spicing up their comments with exotic superlatives and hyperbolic verbosity?