Fixing Facebook

This week I read Facebook have a patent for identifying household demography based on users' photos

Having just seen this ad for a $175 panty, I thought I'd help improve their data by uploading a photo of my underwear.

Pretty sure I've been wearing these shorts since last century but I can't think of having shown them to many people before now.

Broken Facebook

The popular social media platform is showing signs of strain this morning

From boobtube to Youtube

My kids watch a lot of Youtube, mostly videos of people playing video games

One thing that bothers me is the unregulated nature of the content, especially the ads they are forced to watch.

There is strict legislation surrounding the advertising (particularly at children) on television, yet it's quite shocking to see the branded content masquerading as user-generated material (like unboxing videos) and those commercials that play before videos too.

I was watching one the other day that basically told kids to pester parents for sugary cereal in the supermarket.

Another example is that advertising which has been banned from television is still available Youtube.

Like this Holden ute commercial that was deemed as showing unsafe driving.

Kombucha? You betcha!

Starting new batches of kombucha today

Shown here are a blood orange tea, Jo's "Immuni-tea" and brewed ginger with mint from our garden.

The last of those is the stand out at first sip, though I'm a bit crazy for mint and ginger at present.

Lush and juicy fully holding love

Wrote a song this morning drawing on words from women I know

One has written with a line from one of my dreams, so it feels kinda appropriate to be uniting our experiences in a way.

I'd like to acknowledge the chorus contains words from Waking Inanna, while the second and third verses draw on Tales from a Neon Light Diamond.

Last night in a dream
a mother said to me
the child doesn’t know
that he’s asleep

afterwards I cried
just the moon and I
walked the streets and reconciled
my inner child

now I am closer to knowing
the form I fever for
know there is a lush and juicy,
fully holding love

This hand is shaking
at the thought of reaching out
I think of myself as a helper
not one being helped out

This hand I am waving
could say hello or goodbye
and with it the words I am saving
are hold me while I cry

now I am closer to knowing
the form I fever for
know there is a lush and juicy,
fully holding love

This gap we must bridge
seemed the hardest thing to do
barely had energy to function
let alone reach out to you

but I am learning to think about my needs
tell when I’m not okay
and know you will listen
to what I have to say

now I am closer to knowing
the form I fever for
know there is a lush and juicy,
fully holding love

Youtube's idea of heaven

Forget meditating, you can feel at one with everything on Youtube!

Usain is insane

Coles had this on special for fifty cents

Presumably I've missed out on Dawn Fraser's Crazier and Freeman's Steamin' sauces.

There's no evidence of mental illness in the ingredients but the product design is questionable.

I'd like to see Michael Diamond Smells Like Dyin' branded fish sauce!

Beg, borrow or pay overdue fines

I like that Narrandera Library offers piracy as a language during self-checkout

Times they are a changin' back to fanny packs

Found my old bum bag and it still fits