It's a Knockout

This Knockout pedal is pretty good. It allows me to add more or less top or bottom to my guitar tone.

I'm surprised the red light always comes on when I plug into the input. Must be some residual power within the unit when the power isn't plugged in.

Goatse by hand

Dunno who drew this underneath one of our bunk beds but I suspect it predates the popularity of the internet.

Automatic headlines

This is one of the redesigned websites for the newspapers formerly owned by the Riverina Media Group, now Fairfax.

They've got these interesting links that seem to be generated from headlines, creating weird and sometimes nonsensical text, like 'Coleambally was once again on Coly Point'.

I'm mildly intrigued about the closure of Junee and the progress being made to make Leeton. Maybe this is why they make these headlines?

Riding kids for fun

I'm sure it should be 'Kids saddle up for fun' but maybe it's a Freudian slip from a kiddie bondage loving sub-editor?

Oscar's Mario party

Oscar must feel like royalty after celebrating his second birthday this year. Above shows Oscar as Mario, while below are the cakes and pinata, as well as our version of pin the tail on the donkey.

Play it as your lifestyle

This is some beaut 'engrish' spotted on a balloon packet.


The Beckom rest stop has this post on their sign.

Crazy cover

Lucky box

This competition to find a golden tampon in your lucky box is a bit amusing.


This typo makes it look like Cottontails serve rats.