My daughter took a liking to the film Arrival, so I took that opportunity to give her this book with the story it was based on as a present

For a couple of years it sat on her shelf, until recently she started reading books again and opened this one.

It was funny that she didn't notice it was a collection of short stories and began to ponder how the Tower of Babel setting in the first chapter related to the film!

She finished the book while I was away and acknowledged that she wouldn't normally read sci-fi but found many of the ideas interesting.

Railway Hotel


Just got home from a residency at the Railway Hotel in Stuart Town

While I was there I heard this birdsong that I couldn't place, so I made a song to remind myself and to show some of my creative practice. 

There's also The Zine from Iron Bark that I made showing photos and poems from my stay.

Lost goat

This notice in Stuart Town could be a cute short story

Kissing Point

Saw this sign at Hill End and thought it looked like they were promoting voyeurism!