Photography workshop in Leeton

Doing my 'Oh my!' pose at a workshop this week.

Reminds me of times I've seen guys plug in a laptop to give a presentation and it had porn visible. It happens but not to me.

Photo by Talia at The Irrigator


..posts on this blog. Exciting to think I'll reach 1000 this year.


From b3ta user XLVII

Disquiet Junto projects

The Kimchi video posted earlier is the 25th video I've made for the Disquiet Junto.

The Junto is a weekly activity that I enjoy. The tasks vary but some have been very successful as music for me.

Below is a playlist of all my Junto recordings. This weekend I recorded an orgasm.

Kimchi hyperlapse

The Junto had us documenting a recipe with the option of adding a tonal accompaniment. I considered an idea to document an activity that wasn't cooking food but really wanted to make kimchi. I've raved about it on here before.

Below is a photo of the kimchi after two days in the fridge. I ate this for lunch today with apple, celery and capsicum. Sesame oil too, it's a must.

Powerful stories

This video outlines studies on the impact of narratives, to show how a story creates a physical response in the listener which can influence decision-making.

I find this fascinating as I spoke at Dream Big in 2014 on role of storytelling in public relations.

Driver Unknown

Screech of car tyres on a Saturday night
Sickening thud makes me turn on the light
Pick up the phone, dial an ambulance quick
They’ll let cops know someone’s been hit

Go to the road, see a catastrophe
Body on bonnet, smashed through windscreen
Car door is open and engine is on
Whoever did this has already gone

Shattered bone
Broken home
Police report driver unknown

Cars must throw punches ‘cause this looks a brawl
Mounted the kerb and crashed into a wall
Lying limp with a smashed in head
No blood is bleeding, he’s already dead

Shattered bone
Broken home
Police report driver unknown

That accidents happen does not sound right
When they’re avoided with proper foresight
How can you hope to make sense of this scene?
Drunken driver of a brutal machine

Shattered bone
Broken home
Police report driver unknown
Driver unknown

April 1st seems early this year

“I want to be Schrodinger’s Prime Minister. If no one can see what I’m doing maybe I’m doing a great job. Maybe I’m killing cats. Who knows?"
Almost thought it's April 1st when I found Google News linking to a satirical piece on the Prime Minister. It's responding to his decision not to allow journalists to cover a recent trip to Iraq.

Lego love

My daughter and her friends were playing with the Lego yesterday and this morning I found these pieces that hadn't been packed away.

Op shop buy

Got this 12-piece buffet set at the local St Vinnies for $5.

Might've been an unwanted wedding present that someone couldn't consider getting rid of for a few decades.

I wanted it for the splades, which I think are a great invention.

Simon Stalenhag's art

Capturing the moment

A friend was dismissive of digital photography on Facebook yesterday, describing it as "point and shoot". They were going "old school" and using film-based cameras.

I think there's some merit to this description because digital cameras can do a lot of the work. Of course, there are a number of decisions that the operator makes but it is easy to fire away and worry about composition later.

One technique I've found to avoid shooting and force myself to think is to use a lens that requires manual focus. It helps that it's a nice lens, a Nikkor 35-70mm portrait lens which gets sweet shallow focus with a macro feature, as you can see above.

The process of pulling focus on the subject gives me time to think about the shot. The result isn't necessarily obvious in the quality of the photographs, especially since my eyesight is poor, but it does change my experience of taking the picture.

It makes me feel like I'm part of the moment.

First flickering light of 2015

Seeing in the new year with some little people.