I think they need a Big something if they want more tourists. on Twitpic

Flame on

As much as I've been enthralled by the graffiti left around town by some misguided teen, I've been even more entertained to see her flamed by another misguided texta. Just as soon as Lori (formerly Lorrain Lee) had announced the latest in a string of romantic interests and she was set upon in her chosen medium.

Physical graffiti

This seemed out of place among my Art Deco pics.
Click here to see them.

Easy way to join the ranks of "the glorious dead". Must be a few RSL-types that would call it cheating.

Don't hire a tradie. Hire a lady.

Paris makes news

These articles at the SMH helped me to realise that, like bikinis, Paris Hilton can make news articles more interesting to look at.


Here's one of my bassling film clips. Scroll down a bit and click on the left-hand link to get the album for FREE :)

Can women sell keyboards?

Previously I've observed the use of sexism to sell speakers so I was entertained to see it being employed to sell keyboards too. Maybe if they actually offered hot sex with every purchase?

Passion for music

Ever watched a guitarist pulling faces while playing a solo? I remember seeing some that stand on one foot, carried away by the notes flowing from their fingers.

Reckon someone could make a cool quiz where you have to pick the guitarists from male pornstars mid-money shot :)

Who are these men who lurk behind the panel?

More fun graffiti at the park

Main street hazard

Bark marks

These tree etchings make for interesting graffiti - the effect that is, rather than the content.