SEOh yeah!

I was flattered to see this very blog appear as a search result for my former employer. I might be at the bottom of the page but it's the first page :)

Google must've changed something though because this is no longer the case :(

Daily Agoniser online

I haven't picked on Wagga's Daily Advertiser for a while and, since I'm not currently trying to get them to pick up stories in my PR work, now is a good time to point out that they treat visitors to their website to more mistakes than what appear in the print edition. Look at the way the intro para gets cropped above and the lazy typo below.

Then look at this headline:

Bikinis make news

Online news sites love bikinis.

A very Leeton sunset

Literacy is dead

An article at Time magazine discusses the demise of cursive writing among what marketers call Generation Y and, although I'm Generation X, it's not something I use either.

I often wonder if literacy isn't also on the way out. How long before the abbreviations used in text messaging are replaced by voice recognition? It's only a recent phenomena that a majority of the population can read and write, for centuries it was the realm of an elite class such as scholars. They'll soon be l33t!

Well, it's one way to go and it's mostly a free choice...