Jimmy's End

As a fan of Alan Moore I feel obligated to share this new work. It's very Lynchian but features many of Moore's preoccupations, like the tarot. Great design and lighting, it's moody and menacing.

Another self-congratulatory blog post

Wow, seems like only earlier this year I was posting about my 500th entry here. This is the 600th.

Goatse hairstyle

Freaky Japanese girl with a Goatse haircut.


FACEBOOK - just stop it. Stop it.
We've been through enough: Facebook ads, Timeline, an overhaul of the DM system, friends with endless streams of baby and CrossFit updates.
And now this - the Facebook couples page.
Before you start pointing the finger at your loved-up friends, it's happened already. It's not a choice, it just is.
If you a) have a Facebook account and b) are listed in a relationship with your Facebook-account-owning paramour then you have a c) Facebook couples page.
Don't believe us? Log into Facebook, then type 'facebook.com/us' into your browser.
The horrifying result is a scrapbook of every status, photo, interest and mutual friend you share.
How cute disgusting.

This News Limited article was my introduction to Facebook's new 'us' pages for couples and at first I thought it was a bit much to have the leading social media site collecting my correspondence with my partner.

Then I remembered how incensed I used to feel about every new feature they introduced. So I got over it.

Because once I'm over the fact something is new and therefore different -- like 'How dare they change?'! -- it isn't a big deal and sometimes it's even helpful.

Just last night I found myself typing in facebook.com/us to find a link I'd left for my better half and it made me realise this is actually going to be very useful. I won't have to trawl through the posts on my partner's page, feeling like a cyberstalker, everytime I want to find something we've shared online.

And, of course I should've remembered, News Limited love attacking Facebook because they hate social networks after losing squillions on MySpace.

Foley style

Another great pop single this year is PSY's Gangnam Style and, while my kids have been crazy about it, I much prefer this interpretation of the video by a foley artist.

My kids like this Sponge Bob version:

Call me maybe

Beaut unofficial filmclip using chat roulette for Carly Rae Jepsen's pop tune, which some are picking as the single of the year.

Mixed response

'Tis nearing the season and -- WOW! -- I'm surprised at the mixed response to Christmas in my Facebook feed this morning.

One second a day

One of my TV Production alumni put this video he's developing on Facebook earlier today and I think it's cool.

For 100 Years in The Irrigator

My local newspaper The Irrigator has a great pic with their article on my exhibition at The Roxy Art Space this month. Read about the For 100 Years multimedia exhibition at their site.

I seem to have given the newspaper the wrong link to the album For 100 Years and the EP of remixes And Another 100 Years, click on these titles to find them.

WeiZen Ho at Uncovered

Recently I've been working on the video I shot at Uncovered:uncovered, the night of short performance curated by The CAD Factory at Wagga Art Gallery in September. One of many highlights was WeiZen Ho and you can see a couple of her contributions in this video.

Son of the Southern Cross

My partner has had this flier on the fridge for most of the year. I think it arrived a week or so after this Ned Kelly replica knife flier.

It only came down because I was sick of people asking if I was buying one.

She likes the copywriting and phrases like "authentic reproduction" are quite funny when you think about them. The notion that this ring is "one symbol a man can rely on" is also silly -- I think I'd prefer to rely on my debit card!

Galactic mash-up

Thinking of stars here's a mash-up made using a video by NASA and a tune by Antonio Sanciolo, who tells me this was the imagery he had in mind when he wrote the song. The idea to merge the two was a direction from BoingBoing.net


While I had a laugh at the above graphic when I first saw it appear in my Facebook feed, I actually quite enjoy horoscopes.

It's not so much that I believe in them as being accurate predictions of what the future holds, although there have been many times when I've found them to present details that eventuated.

And it's not the idea that the movement of astral bodies moves our own bodies because the moon moves the ocean and we're mostly made of water.

What I like about horoscopes is the short-hand they provide for talking about personalities, character traits and generally providing a sense of narrative in my life.

Yeah, it can be silly but so can life and I like the way it'll sometimes force me to reconsider my views or offer an alternate way of interpreting an event.

Not getting into this barney

Few pics from my exhibition

And Another 100 Years

Foreking business

Funny name for this business, wonder how they answer the phone?