Hers before sirs

My partner Jo has developed this impressive list of phrases that promote female relationships over male ones


Initially I was surprised to see Sandor Katz lumped kimchi with sauerkraut in his book

It made sense when I read it though.

Today I decided to run with the idea and add fennel and horseradish to my latest batch of kimchi.

I've also made a paste of fermented green chilis, which is another recipe Katz has in The Art of Fermentation.

You can see these have been blended and I've added smoked paprika and ginger.

Friend Advice

Click on the image on the left to download a small zine!

(Or go to this link!)

It's less than 1mb and in PDF format.

I've made this for a zine fest I'm going to next month, where I'll offer it with copies of my book Earthwords.



The Disquiet Junto number 424 shared a project by Jonathon Keats, who instructed participants to perform outside "employing nature as your conductor."

I recorded my guitar by the water channel, changing pace based on the wind on my face.

Before I'd begun I'd an idea to layer the takes, using a technique shared by Brian Crabtree in Disquiet Junto project 223.

Then, after reflecting on the missed opportunity to incorporate a palindrome, I revisited the recording and reversed one guitar part then added my attempt at a solo on top.

It was this last version that I thought might be likely to interest Leeton locals, so I posted in on a Facebook page.

There I was delighted to prompt the following response from Dale Richey:

[That's] "Across from my parents home lot's of history on that bridge. I seen you over there first time a guitar has been played there.

"That was where nearly every kid in leeton swam mudfights fist fights laughter tears and many good times were had there ask any local aged between 55 and 65 and you will get a smile out of them as they remember the good times at the canal."

The end of television

It seems strange to think that I lived at a time when there was nothing to watch

Before video, television used to run out of programs to broadcast.

At the end of the day, through until the morning when it resumed again, they'd broadcast a test pattern.

The thing that most vividly comes to mind is the sound of it, a whining 1kHz tone.

If you fell asleep watching a show, that unceasing note would sometimes wake you up.

There were only two TV stations in those days, a local commercial broadcaster and the national ABC.

Insomniacs would either read books or listen to the radio, which would often include a talk-back host who'd try to engage listeners in conversation.

In my email today

Found myself pondering these messages

Funding Success for Leeton Arts Projects

The Leeton Art Society Inc has been successful in obtaining two Community Art Support Program (CASP) grants from the NSW Government for projects in 2020

“We’re delighted that our members have developed these two projects to assist in promoting and providing opportunities for local artists in Leeton,” said Leeton Art Society President Jacqui Herrmann.

The first project is a video production called “The Penny Effect”, which was developed by artist and nephew of Penny Paniz, Mr Glenn Saddler, highlighting the influence that accomplished artist and former Art Society member, Penny Paniz, had on the development of visual arts in Leeton.

This video will premiere at the annual Penny Paniz Acquisitive Arts Competition and Exhibition (PPAA) at Easter, an event named in honour of Penny that showcases local artists’ works.

“Penny had a remarkable effect on artists in Leeton Shire, as well as being an inaugural member of the Art Society, and founding Chairperson for Western Riverina Arts.

“It’s been nearly a decade since her passing however, while her influence remains, many of our newer members, entrants, and visitors to the annual Penny Paniz Exhibition, are unaware of Penny’s important contribution to the Shire’s cultural community.

“The short video is a collection of Penny’s artworks, Prize winners of the PPAA over the past 7 years, and a record of the memories of those who worked and created alongside Penny, and be an important resource for the Leeton Art Society Inc and its members for years to come”, Ms Herrmann said.

The second project is a landscape-themed exhibition to be held in the region later in 2020. Local culture-maker and curator, Jason Richardson, will work with the Society’s members to collect representations of the Riverina’s environment for an innovative show combining visual and audible art.

“After curating exhibitions in Narrandera and Griffith in recent years, I’m excited by the opportunity to develop a multi-media show with local artists in Leeton Shire,” said Jason Richardson.

“I appreciate the support of the Leeton Art Society in developing this proposal and look forward to working with them to prepare a stimulating exhibition that will bring together a variety of media,” he said.

The exhibition, titled “Our Riverina”, will be shown in Leeton during October this year and Griffith during early 2021, with dates in Narrandera to be confirmed.

The Leeton Art Society Inc’s projects are supported by Create NSW’s Country Arts Support Program, a devolved funding program administered by Regional Arts NSW and Western Riverina Arts on behalf of the NSW Government.

Photo of Penny Paniz from the LASI archives, photographer unknown.

Ember Island Players

This morning we watched one of my favourite episodes of Avatar: The Ember Island Players

Love the Shakespearian-style show-within-the-show that turns out to be propaganda for the Fire Nation.

It's been fun revisiting Avatar and the show stands up well.