Writing machine

'Self-Organization' by Courtney Brown, metal art bronze octopus and Underwood typewriter. 

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Recently I recorded my partner singing the songs she'd sing to put our children to sleep

I'd first considered this when those kids were much younger and, since they don't need to be sung to sleep, it almost seems redundant to record those lullabies now.

Most nights they wish me goodnight hours before they plan to go to bed!

However, it had been one of those activities on my to-do list, then the Disquiet Junto prompt last week reminded me.

The reason is one that Thomas Edison recognised when he developed the phonograph: 

The family record; preserving the sayings, the voices, and the last words of the dying members of the family...

Earlier this year a friend died from Motor Neurone Disease, which was confronting for the speed that it took away her abilities.

After the friend lost her ability to speak, my partner found a recording she'd made of her singing.

It was powerful to hear her voice again and a reminder of the importance of capturing those moments.

Backyard sounds

One day I'd like to make an Australian version of this idea