Wet weather

It's been raining today, which stirs a satisfying feeling

Rainfall has been below average in recent years, so I feel there's a deep longing for it.

The smell is an improvement but I think the sound of it conveys much of the pleasure too.

I commented "Good rain" to my partner today and reflected on how it's an expression I've learned since living in the country.

Country people like agreeing on the weather, whether it's good or bad.

Would watch Rob the robotanker

Twitter redesign

I've been dipping into Twitter for about 10 years but in recent years I began to consider closing my account

I almost stopped using it, then started again when I began a role that used that service.

Now the Twitter redesign has left me feeling I can stop tweeting.

It brings to mind the confected outrage when Facebook would change features.

I'd guess that FB learned to make only small cosmetic changes and it's a lesson that Twitter could heed.

The redesign of Twitter is drastic, with a new dark colour and changes to the content of a user's timeline.

Part of me knows I can adjust, but another part welcomes the feeling of alienation as a way to kick the habit.

It was good for a while.

I've enjoyed the opportunity to converse with people who I don't know and meet some too.

And, when my kids wanted to join social media, Twitter was a good option as it'd send me an email when certain things happened with their accounts.

Now my kids have ditched Twitter and I feel the news and entertainment it offers are distractions that I no longer need too.

Mugwort smudge stick

A friend shared this graphic about the role of different smudge sticks

I hadn't seen mugwort mentioned before and, since it hasn't died back yet in the garden, thought I'd try making my own.