Another thing I'm grateful to have in my life is kimchi

I remember being attracted to this pickled cabbage for the spice, ginger and garlic.

Then I started making my own and soon found I wanted to eat it everyday.

One of my favourite lunches to pack for work is kimchi, rice, apple, capsicum and a little oil -- either sesame or olive.

More recently I asked Tania from Glam And Cheese Toasties for her recipe and she kindly directed me to Maangchi's Youtube Channel, which is delightful.

Last week I wasn't sure why there was a puddle of reddish liquid in the bottom of the fridge.

Last night I opened my jar of kimchi made using Maangchi's easy recipe and the contents started to leap out of the container.

Even though I hadn't left the kimchi out overnight to start fermentation, it was bubbling and a little fizzy to taste.

Otherwise it was great though, with the leek and carrot adding a lovely soft flavour and the fish sauce increasing the complexity.