March into the archives : YouTube - X

To conclude my reflection on a decade of using YouTube, I thought I'd share ten of my favourite remixes.

While I've already picked out two of the best, in the songs made from a spank and a screen door, making music from unlikely sources is something I do a lot. YouTube has been useful for showing the sources of the sounds I've manipulated.

Above is a remix of a field recording I made outside Wagga, where the wind distorting the microphone became a kick and a passing bee became a bassline.

Above is a remix of my friend's Trent and Lyndall making coffee, which was part of an installation I had at the Narrandera coffeehouse that no longer exists.

This one demonstrates that you can find music almost anywhere in making a remix of the sound in an empty room.

Here's a song made from a recording of a seat on the main street of Leeton.

A remix of firecrackers.

Music in the key of tea!

Here's a remix of one of my favourite sounds: playgrounds.

Windchimes are already musical, so maybe not such a challenge to make into a song. Sounds good with drums too.

Above is a remix of an apple that was made for an exhibition.

And, finally, a remix of a video I found on YouTube.