March into the archives : YouTube - 1

According to my oldest YouTube account, today marks my tenth anniversary as a member of the service.

I'm not totally convinced that today is the actual day but it'll do. Dates do change in online accounts, for example my Blogger account says I started in 2007 when I know it was for a university assignment in 2005.

Above is the first video that I can recall watching online, the short film They're Made of Meat. Interestingly, it's since been removed from YouTube but you can find it has since been uploaded again and again -- just click here.

I remember I was studying Television Production at Charles Sturt University and immediately grasped the opportunity presented with a service offering to host video. The reason I was studying this course was a realisation that video would become a persuasive form of marketing. I was working at that time in the Marketing Communications section of the uni and also saw that students of the course had a very high level of satisfaction according to graduate surveys.

YouTube has since become an repository for around 200 videos that I've produced in the last decade, so I'm looking to share ten over the next ten days that reflect on various personal and professional developments.