Full moon over Leeton Rice Co-op

The Rice Co-op hums all-day almost all-year at the end of my street.

If you listen carefully you might hear the hum as part of my soundtrack for Reimagining The Murrumbidgee from a few years ago, but I also just recorded it for a Junto too.

It's lit-up at night and I enjoy photographing it, like this shot from last year when I was thinking how I'd interpret the WRA photo competition theme 'Living Leeton' that I couldn't enter as an employee.

The full moon this week prompted me to take more photos, like this one. As I was looking back over them I thought how much I like the red dot of the 'No Entry' sign in this one, since the design of that building in the background often prompts me to think on Japanese influence in the local rice industry. The first experimental rice crop here started with the arrival of grain from Isaburo Takasuka, which came via his nephew's motorcycle in the early 20th Century.

These days Leeton is home to the SunRice brand, who sponsor a festival every other year and I recently tried to add a multicultural event to their program as a way of raising the role of this grain in the diet of people all over the world. Funding was unsuccessful, so maybe another year.

And the 'No entry' sign also reminds me of Japan's isolationist history, which is mentioned in this beaut video by Bill Wurtz.