Hairy panic

Hairy panic is an Australian tumbleweed and it's in the news at present for inundating Wangaratta.

The news story in the link above says it's not a fire risk but I've found it's great for starting fires because it burns like petrol.

Hairy panic seems like a funny name until you experience it caught in your pants. Then it feels like something crawling up your leg.

This photo was taken in 2008, when there was a massive build-up of the dried weed at the property where I was living outside Wagga. You can see it totally obscures me.

I wrote these lyrics for a song at that time and I think I should finally get to recording it because there were chords too.

I'm a tumbling weed
my life is floating on the breeze
no choice but let the wind blow
and determine where I go

Rolling on the ground
I creep without making a sound
shake a spindly arm
and catch my seed in your palm

With a breath on the breeze
I inhale and it frees

Caught pushed against a wall
I'll erupt and then I'll fall
taking opportunity
wherever the wind is moving me

You'll never know what I've faced
to reach this resting place
when the summer has come and gone
my kind will roll along

Accept the change, weather the rains
and live to roll another day
Wherever I go, the grass will grow
and I live to roll another day