One way of dealing with shit

These mangled-looking toes are mine and I painted the toenails this morning after I was surprised at the level of resentment I felt from one of those blasts one gets from their past.

Painting toenails has been my solution for dealing with a variety of painful experiences. I first discovered it after I'd painted my toenails a Cadbury purple colour the day before getting dumped by a girlfriend.

The next day I looked at my feet, felt a surge of emotional anguish and decided that the purple on my nails would serve as a barometer for my feelings of hurt. As the months went by and the nail polish grew out, my feelings diminished.

Then one day about six months later, I looked at my feet and saw there was little purple left and judged this still reflected my feelings. Soon after I felt I was beyond feeling an emotional reaction when I saw my ex.

The opposite of love isn't hate, it's apathy.