Fanning the flames of fury

Shame to see Griffith's newspaper The Area News have sunk to class warfare in this article Fury as hundreds rort flood grants.

As you can see, they call people who applied for money they were entitled to receive "lowlifes" who "are exploiting the misery of flood victims" although it isn't clear how applying for a Federal government hand-out causes this misery.

It's true that the criteria used to assess these applications is wonky, based on local government boundaries and types of financial support, but it's totally misguided to link the payments to the misery of others.

The real source of misery in the region is the insurance companies who aren't honouring policies. I've heard a couple of stories now of farming families who are finding that a leading rural insurer is causing grief by haggling over the fine print in policies that people have had for decades.

If The Area News has any self-respect the newspaper will acknowledge they are exploiting emotionally-charged language. People will take hand-outs and who is this newspaper to make a moral judgment about it.