FM3 Buddha Machine

I've had a couple of these machines and they proved most useful when trying to sleep at Burning Man's regional events in Australia

You can probably guess how the soothing drones from a couple of Buddha Machines will interact and help with sleep when confronted with multiple sound systems shaking the earth and vibrating air molecules.

One of the best lessons my father taught me was to put on a radio when nights were too noisy to sleep.

The FM3 loops provided a sound to focus on, rather than having my ear wandering the paddock and becoming annoyed by the sound systems that drift in and out of time and gratingly never agree on a musical key.

It was surprising how well my partner and I slept as the ground rumbled and people partied through the night.

I ended up buying one for my mother out-law and she used it to sleep on her travels.

The latter editions of the FM3 Buddha Machine had the advantage of being louder and adjusting pitch, but mine didn't seem as robust as the earlier model.

I'm hoping to buy a replacement whenever they are stocked in Australia again.