Big Fish

The other day my son mentioned he'd impressed his history teacher by drawing John Merrick on the title page for his notebook

We discussed The Elephant Man and I mentioned it was a film that had brought me to tears.

As I continued reflecting I mentioned other movies that had a similar effect, like Bambi and King Kong and Big Fish. 

My son didn't remember Tim Burton's film, which surprised me as I recall crying while watching it a second time with my family.

So we watched the trailer and my son asked "what exactly is it that makes you cry?"

I began explaining the father and son theme, how the son doesn't believe the stories his father told him and so on. 

Then I started recalling the final scene, where the son takes his father to the river and my throat started to close.

Soon my eyes were watering and I knew I was about to start sobbing.

My son looked bemused as I excused myself from continuing.

I don't know why the film makes me cry, probably the theme, but it surprised me how little exposure was required to have an effect.

Sometimes I think it's important to cry in front of my kids but it surprises me how rarely they remember it.