Post Your History

Griffith Pioneer Park Museum is seeking out those who remember the old Post Office in Griffith, as part of their new display

The Post Office was on the site of the current building, but an older style with red brick and grand arched windows. 

Pioneer Park Museum has a recreation of the original Griffith Post Office which was operational from 1925 to 1979 with staff keen to talk to those who have stories to tell about the original building. 

“We’re currently developing new displays with a focus on the Post Office and would love to be able to share memories, stories, experiences and anecdotes to preserve this important part of our local history,” said Jason Richardson, Curator Griffith Pioneer Park Museum. 

“Do you have memories of the Griffith Post Office? Maybe you received an important telegram, or worked behind the counter? We would love for you to share any stories you might have.” 

Postal services at that time included technologies not seen today, like telegraph operators communicating through the percussive messaging of Morse Code. Aside from parcels and letters, the building also housed the switchboards used to link telephones in the region. 

“Those who lived on farms might remember the distinctive ringing of their party line, which indicated when a phone call was for their household rather than another that shared the connection,” said Mr Richardson. 

There are many ways the Post Office connected Griffith and it’s surprising to discover what services were provided in the building. 

“Phyllis Bell recently recalled working as Phonogram Operator for seven years and says her colleagues were the nicest people,” he said.  

“She remembered that as she progressed to being a senior staff member, her role included liaising with the CSIRO to update weather reports placed at the front of the Post Office.” 

Memories like these will help the new display to reflect how important services within the community have changed. 

“It’s details like these memories that help Pioneer Park Museum to share the experiences of the local people who shaped our history,” said Mr. Richardson. 

If you have a recollection of the Griffith Post Office, please contact Pioneer Park Museum.