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Last night I was listening to writers talking about being based in regional Australia

It reminded me of this quote from a Siberian musician:

Most creative projects here are concocted by people in their free time. “Amateurism,” says Sharifullin, “is what defines provinciality. On the other hand, it’s hard to stay professional when you’re surrounded by philistine stereotypes. People think you’re a weirdo if your happiness doesn’t depend on the size of your bank account. So you must have balls of steel to do arts. It’s not that bad if you have a few like-minded people around, though.”

For me being regional provides opportunity.

Anytime I think I'd like to try something, I know that I can put my hand up and have a go.

If I make a mess of it, no one is likely to notice.

It's kinda empowering.

And the like-minded people don't have to be physically nearby, since I can share my work online.