Dark nettle beer

Brewed another nettle beer

The nettles were boiled a week ago and I let them sit in glass bottles until today.

I heated them with ginger, mugwort, mint, spearmint and a little wormwood and tansy.

Also added a few leaves from a wattle that was sprouting in the backyard,

And then there was a few shots of vodka which had soaked about four handfuls of lavender.

I also added three star anise.

Just under three kilos of brown sugar, one box of Cooper's brewing sugar and half a jar of molasses were stirred into 25 litres in the fermenter, with a starting gravity of 10.70.

I've read that nettles taste better with brown sugar, so I'm hoping the molasses will complement that flavour.

I used a dark brown sugar previously and got a dry ginger ale-like flavour which suited the green taste of the nettles.

Used more ginger this time, which seems to give a deep flavour, as well as bowl of mint that gives a strong punch in the mid-palate.

I've put leaves of mugwort, mint and a few tansy fronds into a bag to soak in the wort for the first few days too.

Hoping for an earthy porter-like flavour.

Edit: a week later and it has around 5% alcohol with still sugar to go.