Freddo in Fragments

Around the time I last mentioned Hape Kiddle, he invited me to join the exhibition that opened in Narrandera this week

Fragments is a collection of River Red Gum timber that Kiddle distributed to a number of people.

The fragments come from a massive trunk that will become a 2.2m Murray Cod.

Western Riverina Arts commisioned Kiddle to develop an exhibition for the Narrandera Arts Centre, so he sought perspectives from local artists and artisans.

When he initially asked what I'd develop, I suggested it might be music or poetry.

He left a piece partially burnt that made a few musical tones.

The more I looked at the wood, the more it seemed to be smiling and I thought I recognised that smile in the wood grain.

It was the power of the frog spirit, which are magical creatures that I've seen emerge from the ground like River Red Gums.

I suggested the title for the piece be "Co-opted" because I feel the frog spirit has been misappropriated to sell compund chocolate.