Dreams are weird

I've written this here before but I'll write it again: dreams are weird

This morning I awoke thinking about a retreat. It was led by Laura, who has led previous retreats I've been on but we were in a high school science class.

Laura and I talked about a scary feeling we were getting from the darkened corner of the science lab. She suggested that a woman at the retreat might use her spectrometer to investigate.

This woman drew an old SLR camera from her bag and took a photo. As the flash lit the dark area it revealed a bear skeleton lumbering towards us.

When I told my partner Jo about this dream, she suggested I should look up the symbolism of bears.

Some sources see them as symbols of earth, others as representing transformation for the way they seemingly die when hibernating and spring to life again.

Anyway, it was a great scene.

Photo from http://www.dalerogersammonite.com/