Big guitar

For a while I've been meaning to try Narrandera's guitar, which is reputedly the largest playable instrument of its kind in the world.

I'd heard it's out of tune, so I wasn't in a rush but a haiku needed a photo of it this weekend.

When I walked into the Visitor Information Centre there was a family taking photos with the guitar.

While I waited, Sally at the counter engaged me in conversation and we discussed how the instrument was approaching its 30th birthday.

When there was opportunity, I stepped onto the step that allows access to the neck and plucked at the strings.

Some of the notes were so low as to be almost inaudible but I was interested in how the different gauges of rope imitated the look of the wound strings on an acoustic, while the higher strings seemed to be varying gauges of nylon -- much like the instrument at a regular size.

Then I put my head toward the soundhole and plucked the lowest string and was awed by the deep rumble that resonated in the body of the instrument.

It was like a passing truck and, given the number of trucks that pass, I'm not entirely sure it wasn't.

As I continued talking with VIC staff about my interest in recording the guitar, they asked if I'd like to tune the instrument.

Discussion is required with Council's staff who oversee management of the Centre, but I'm hoping to return soon and get samples of this unique instrument.