"Welcome to 'hell on earth'" reads the headline on the local news websites, keeping me "up to date with news as temperature scorch the region."

It seems obvious but it's not the temperatures that are scorching the region -- it's the combination of hot sun and winds blowing from the north.

Yesterday, as I affixed a blanket to the windscreen of my car parked outside the library, a bloke leaned over the fence from the bowling club and told me not to worry "about rugging her up, it'll be warm enough today."

I admire the dedication this bloke shows to his sport, as he was drinking beer around 10am and the temperature was already in the upper 30s.

Looks like it'll be cooler tomorrow but the maximum of 46.1 on "Fried day" was a significant increase on my previous record of 45.2 during 2004.