Devices versus people

A lot of people are sharing variations of this video where Simon Sinek discusses "Millenials."

One version of the video literally frames the discussion with the text "THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS GENERATION !!"

Talking in generations, like "Millenials," always feels like a generalisation to me. So Sinek seems to make generalisations about generalisations. Or at least, that's how he's being represented.

I think there's merit in his identification of the addictive nature of digital devices and social media but wish it was framed in another conversation as it's relevant to a wider audience.

One friend has been delighting in responding with images of people with their heads buried in newspapers, demonstrating that social media and its distracting nature has been with us for centuries.

My response has been that a newspaper doesn't usually interrupt my conversation with a friend. I still find it rude to be talking with someone and have them answer a call without acknowledging that they're doing so.

I've written and spoken about 'digital capacity' but maybe it's time to think in terms of 'digital incapacity'?

Another friend recently returned to social media after taking a fortnight break over Christmas. He wrote about the experience as a "reset," which seems like a good approach to dealing with a potentially addictive behaviour.