Feeling unacknowledged

Surprised to see the photograph on the cover of Griffith City Council's Annual Report for 2015/16 is my image.

This photograph was also used on the invite to the opening and shows three of the sculptures created during the symposium at Pioneer Park Museum in April this year. From left to right the sculptures are:
  • 'Eternity' by Tobel (cropped)
  • 'Solido Grigio Silenzio' by Francesco Panceri
  • 'Water is the Driver of Nature' by Hew Chee Fong 
Copyright laws promote acknowledging the work of photographers and it's good practice, however there would be room for my employer to argue they own the image as it was taken during work hours and using a phone they supplied.

I published it on Instagram, which also has a bunch of conditions that would ignore my moral right. They might even claim it was their photograph.

It's interesting that the moral right of an artist to be acknowledged does not extend to stating which artist created a sculpture shown in an image in the same way that one must acknowledge the photographer and also the details of other 2D visual art.

Copyright laws are weird like that because they're shaped by the lobbying of corporations and (so called) free trade agreements.