Pioneering projections

This week I acquitted the Pioneering Projections workshops that had been funded by the NSW State Government through the Community Art Support Program run by Regional Arts NSW.

In the video above you can see that Abre Ojos and I used the granite sculptures developed for the centenary of Griffith as canvasses for painting with light. It's a different result than what I'd originally planned.

Last year when I applied I'd imagined we'd settle on a few stories to tell with video projected onto buildings at Pioneer Park Museum. Then I attended a projection workshop with Yandell and realised that projection requires contrast, saturated colours and stronger designs than most video footage.

Another influence was my manager, who asked if I'd consider incorporating the sculptures into the project. At first I was reluctant to change direction but Abre Ojos was keen and reckoned he hadn't seen projection mapped in this way.