May I share Rocco Pirrottina

Here's some of my work for Western Riverina Arts, where I worked to raise the profile of local artists.

It's exciting to see a local photographer develop their skills and start getting work for multinational companies.

Within the space of a few years Rocco Pirrottina has moved from winning competitions to delivering advertising images for multinational and international clients including Woolworths and, recently, Vogue Magazine.

He is also an active video producer and cameraman. Over the years he has developed a style and, through disciplined attention to detail, his services are now sought by many commercial clients.

A given month for Pirrottina can comprise of shooting fashion, commercial products, corporate events and camping out in the bush for a documentary, as well as travelling with a production crew around Australia to produce content for national and international audiences.

“Aside from working as a member of the crew, I always love taking the role of director. I spent 12 months as Director of Photography on a Sydney-based project destined for Australian and European viewers. A lot of organising and meetings lead to a precision shoot and delivery,” he says.

“Travelling is in my blood, I travel frequently from state to state producing content for a diverse client base. One week I am on location in Melbourne shooting Formula class racing cars at Phillip Island for TV, and then onto a plane to Sydney or Adelaide covering something completely different."

Rocco Pirrottina's dedication to photography and video work is evident in the commitment required for freelance work. "It is a demanding field which works very tightly on time management," he says.

"I have on occasions, come home from a shoot in Sydney, a quick change of clothes and gear and off again to Melbourne or Adelaide for another scheduled job. It can be exciting and and stressful, but also a great opportunity to be part of a new project, meet new people in the industry and learn more. I have worked with many inspiring and talented people."

Pirrottina's talent was obvious when he won our Leeton-based photography competition in 2014. By that time he'd already won many awards locally, as well as collecting a silver and two bronze in the Epson International Panoramic Awards in 2013.

The Riverina landscape has been an inspiration in his work and he has shown the natural beauty of the region to a wider audience. “I enjoy promoting the beauty of Australia. I especially like promoting our local area and all the agriculture and scenic vistas.”

In addition to commercial photography and video production, he also enjoys getting outdoors and producing content focusing on nature. One particular personal project titled 'The Gathering' caught the attention of Sony Professional USA. "That video was a project for love, so it was gratifying to see their interest in my work," said Pirrottina.

It is remarkable that Rocco Pirrottina is largely self-taught and it is his passion for photography that has translated into a career in the burgeoning field known as the creative industries. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours!