Conservation workshop at Pioneer Park

Griffith Pioneer Park Museum will host a workshop on conserving historical items this Tuesday 5 April. The day-long workshop will introduce conservation practices, information on protection of historical items and basic steps for preventing their decay.

The day will include demonstrations of safe handling methods and basic treatments for ceramics, wood and related materials such as leather, metal, plastics, rubber, paper and textiles. A walk-through of Pioneer Park Museum’s exhibits will provide discussion points on conservation display methods, as well as preventive environmental measures such as the control of light, temperature, pests and pollutants.

Gosia Dudek is a mixed-media conservator with the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. She has extensive experience gained over the past 28 years in conserving and preparing objects for display at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.

"Conservators think of the long-term consequences of our treatments. We aim to use the best, reversible materials and techniques available in the industry.” said Ms Dudek.

Those in attendance are encouraged to bring an item they cherish to find out the best way to preserve it. There will also be information sheets available to learn more about conservation.

“This is an opportunity to learn from a conservator based in one of the leading museums in the state,” said Jason Richardson, Curator at Pioneer Park Museum. “There are a wide range of issues surrounding the protection of historical items and it is something of a hidden art. This is a chance to gain experience in an area that is largely undertaken away from public view at cultural institutions.”